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SightseeingDoxa Lake – Feneos

Doxa Lake – Feneos

Some call Feneos “Corinthian Switzerland”, since the fir trees at this altitude and the pine trees in winter with the snow give the visitor the feeling of being in an alpine landscape.

Lake Doxa is artificial and located at an altitude of 900 meters, in the heart of ancient Feneos. Its waters reflect the colorful mixed forests of mountainous Corinthia, creating a unique illusion. Reference point in the center of the lake, the chapel of Agios Fanourios.

For romantic ones, a horseback ride along the lake, on paths or forest roads, swimming in the waters of the lake, and even a bicycle ride to admire the scenery is recommended. The lake bikes, however, offer a unique experience.

Close your trip visiting one of the traditional taverns in Feneos and taste well-cooked local meat, poultry, and legumes from local raw materials.