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Activities & Sightseeing

Activities & Sightseeing

Welcome to Alissachni Seaside Hotel

During your stay in our hotel, you can visit some of the sights of our area, as well as make one-day getaways and enjoy the beautiful landscapes nearby. Our region has, also, a special cultural heritage, with many events taking place throughout the year, where you can attend or participate.

Doxa Lake - Feneos

Some call Feneos “Corinthian Switzerland”, since the fir trees at this altitude and the pine trees in winter with the snow give the visitor the feeling of being in an alpine landscape.

Lake Doxa is artificial and located at an altitude of 900 meters, in the heart of ancient Feneos. Its waters reflect the colorful mixed forests of mountainous Corinthia, creating a unique illusion. Reference point in the center of the lake, the chapel of Agios Fanourios.

For romantic ones, a horseback ride along the lake, on paths or forest roads, swimming in the waters of the lake, and even a bicycle ride to admire the scenery is recommended. The lake bikes, however, offer a unique experience.

Close your trip visiting one of the traditional taverns in Feneos and taste well-cooked local meat, poultry, and legumes from local raw materials.

Zacholi - Evrostini

Leaving Derveni, it has interest to take a walk to the village of Evrostina, or Zacholi, which still has many elements of the old form of the village, with fountains and chapels, where many traditional festivals take place during the summer season.

At the entrance of Evrostini your gaze will be magnetized by the imposing church of Agios Georgios with its 17 domes. Do not miss, however, a visit to the chapel of Panagia ton Katafygion, which is built in the hollow of a rock, as well as the Byzantine church of Agia Paraskevi.

The most beautiful attraction of the village,thoufh, is “Rema ton Mylon” – a natural ravine with ponds full of trout, waterfalls, and small wooden bridges.


Kalavryta is one of the most popular places in Greece in autumn and winter. The historic and picturesque settlement combined with the excellent food, Vouraikos gorge, the ski resort on the slopes of Helmos mountain make it an amazing destination for all travelers.

The trademark of the city is “Othodotos” railway, which was inaugurated in 1896 and runs the route Kalavryta-Diakopto (22 km). Moreover, “Spileo ton Limnon” is an extremely interesting travel experience for people of all ages.

Trikala Corinthias

Trikala Corinthias is located to the slopes of Ziria maountain, where there is, also, a ski resort. Kato Trikala is located at the altitude of 900m. While going up the mountain, after 3 km, you will find Mesaia Trikala at the altitude of 1.100m, where you can enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the mountains of Corinthia. Continuing going up, in a few kilometers stand Ano Trikala.

It remains a traditional area with stone squares and perennial plane trees which will surprise you with its rare beauties: a combination of mountains, gurgling waters, snow, stone, and wood. 

Tsivlou Lake

Tsivlou Lake is an ideal destination for those looking for a paradise place with its own history. 25 km away from Akrata village, you will find a real miracle of nature: Lake Tsivlou with its amazing waters.

Until about 1913, at the point where the lake was located, stood the village of Tsivlos, which is now lost as the large settlement of Silivaina shrank in its green waters. Today, Tsivlos with 11 inhabitants, consists of a few houses, traditional taverns, and the historic semi-basement church of Agios Athanasios.

It is considered one of the youngest mountain lakes in Europe surrounded by dense forest.

Theme Park "Area Synest", Synevro

In Synevro of Aigialeia (Akrata) the cultural and recreation area “Area Synest” is a unique excursion for families, groups, but also visitors who love to explore the splendor of nature. 

The theme park offers an unforgettable hiking experience in its cobbled streets, giving the visitor the opportunity to see up close the animal villages in their natural habitat, admire the unique plant life of an earthly paradise, travel to the way of life of the past through the Museum of the park and enjoy a twist of flavors of traditional Greek and Armenian cuisine.

Ancient Theater of Aigeira

An ornament for the area and undoubtedly the core of the hole place, the ancient theatre of Aigeira is one of the most important monuments of Greece.

It is a rare example of an ancient architectural building, not constructed but carved by 2/3 in natural rock.

Located at an altitude of 350 meters from the surface of the sea, offers unparallel views of the Corinthian Gulf.
Cultural events are also held in the theater on the sole condition of respecting its history.